List of courses in the area of FluidDTU with links to the DTU course database

     • PhD-level courses     • MSc-level courses     • BCs-level courses


Courses for PhD students

  • 10336: Fundamental problems in fluid dynamics (5 ECTS, fall)
    This course is central to FluidDTU. It is given in collaboration between the five
    participating departments and concerns the current research themes of the center.
  • 28904: Polymer Physics (7.5 ECTS, spring)

    Physics of polymer solutions and melts.

  • 28908Rheology of complex fluids (7.5 ECTS, fall)
    Introduction to rheology of complex fluids, in particular polymeric liquids and suspensions.
  • 33641: Topics in theoretical microfluidics (5 ECTS, spring)
    Current research topics in microfluidics. The course contents changes every year.  


Courses for MSc students

  • 01617: Dynamical systems 1 (5 ETCS, fall)
    An introduction to the modern theory of non-linear dynamics with a rigorous mathematical flavor. Applications in various sciences are also included.
  • 01618: Dynamical systems 2 (5 ETCS, spring)
    A follow-up course to 01617. The course is an ideal background for students who want to write a Master's thesis on a problem where non-linear dynamics is relevant.
  • 10346Continuum Physics (5 ECTS, spring)
    An introduction to fluid dynamics and elasticity.
  • 10357: Topics in Biophysics and Complex Systems (5 ECTS, fall)
    Introduction to selected contemporary topics at the interface between biophysics, micro- and nanoscale physics and photonics.
  • 28530Transport Processes (10 ECTS, fall)
    Flow, energy and mass transport including chemically reacting fluids.
  • 33241: Theory of Lab-on-a-Chip Systems (5 ECTS, fall)
    An introduction to the theory of microfluidics with applications to lab-on-a-chip systems.
  • 33335LabChip-2: Advanced Lab-on-a-Chip Technology (10 ECTS, fall)
    An advanced-level course of lab-on-a-chip systems: components, functionalities and applications.
  • 33443: Microfluidics Theory and Simulation (5 ECTS, January and June)
    3-weeks course, student projects on all levels in theoretical microfluidics.
  • 41111: Hydrodynamics II (5 ECTS, fall)
    The basis for treatment of a number of hydrodynamic and hydraulic engineering problems,
    e.g.,  in relation to projects in rivers, on coasts or offshore.
  • 41128Turbulence Theory (7.5 ECTS, fall)
    Theory of the flow processes in turbulent boundary layers and diffusion/dispersion processes in turbulent flows
  • 41319 Computational Fluid Dynamics (10 ECTS, fall)
    Introduction to finite-volume method solution of the Navier-Stokes equations in two-dimensions.
  • 41323Advanced Fluid Mechanics (5 ECTS, spring)
    Flow analysis of practical and theoretical flow configurations
    including heat and mass transfer.
  • 41822Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics (5 ECTS, January)
    3-weeks course, introduction to modern measuring techniques for determining
    velocity, pressure, temperature, heat diffusion, etc. for fluids. 


Courses for  BSc students

  • 10030Physics and Nanotechnology (15 ECTS, fall and spring) 
    A broad introduction to nanotechnology containing one 4-weeks module on
    hydrodynamics and lab-on-a-chip technology.
  • 10345Introduction to Complex Systems and Chaos (5 ECTS, fall)
    Introduction to nonlinear phenomena in complex systems and analytical/computational
    tools for the analysis of dynamical phenomena in complex systems.
  • 33235: LabChip-1: Introduction to Lab-on-a-Chip Technology (10 ECTS, spring)
    A broad introduction to lab-on-a-chip technology containing experimental and
    theoretical concepts as well as engineering aspects of actual devices.
  • 41101: Hydrodynamics (5 ECTS, fall)
    Introduction to relevant topics within hydrodynamics for engineering students
  • 41312 Basic Fluid Mechanics (5 ECTS, fall)

    A theoretical background for formulation and solution of flow problems within
    mechanical and energy engineering.